Female Tonic


Female Tonic:

Made with man vine, skunk root, copalchi bark, Mexican wild yam, ginger, China root, Billy web bark, love and vodka.

Used for menses; painful periods, irregular periods, dark, thick fluids during menses; presence of clots, lower backache with menses and depression with PMS.

Also used for fertility enhancement, menopausal symptoms, hormonal migraines, amenorrhea, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), diabetes and Clomid-induced ovarian cysts.

It warms the reproductive organs by lessening tension in diaphragm muscle, has mild anti-spasmodic action on uterine muscles.

Acts as a uterine lavage, cleanser of the uterine membrane; removes accumulated, indurated pathologic debris caused by incompletely flushed menstrual fluids from month-to-month.

Provides hormonal precursors of estrogen and progesterone to alleviate severe hormonal fluctuations of menopause and PMS.

Increases iron supply for complement of minerals including calcium.

Skunk root is added for clearer visions, insight and depth of understanding.


Standard dose: 1 dropperful three times daily; stop during menses

Clomid-induced cysts: three times daily for 30 days, then three times daily for additional 15 days.

Assisted reproductive technology and/or fertility enhancement: begin after menses and end prior to ovulation.

Uterine lavage: three times daily for 10 days pre-menses

Menopause: three times daily to finish one 1-once bottle as needed thereafter.

Use during first days of menses to increase flow and cleansing.

If you’re a heavy bleeder than you’ll want to counter act with hibiscus or cinnamon tea.

These herbs are from the rainforest in Belize, where the soil is rich in minerals. The result is that they’re very potent. This tonic is formulated by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN.

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This tonic comes in two different sizes, two ounces for $18 or four ounces for $36.  You can find this at my studio in NE Minneapolis, I can mail it to you (add $3.75 for shipping and handling) or you can find me on Etsy.

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Legalities-  This product has not been evaluated by the FDA.  Use at your own risk.