Herbal Yoni Steam



Herbal Vaginal Steam:

Made to order to help with specific conditions or a good all around blend.

Yoni (womb) steams or “bajos”, as they are known in Spanish, are used to assist in the cleansing of the uterus.

Here is a great video to show how it work

I will send a details how-to guide with your purchase.

I have blends for specific condition:

Long / irregular periods
Painful menstrual cramps
PCOS / ovarian cysts
Scanty bleeding
Enhance fertility
Bladder / vaginal infection
Adhesions / blocked Fallopian tubes
Menopausal dryness
Perineal tear / episiotomy / scars

The herbs I use are all organic. Two cups worth is good for 2-3 steams, four cups is 4-6 steams. Here are the ones I work with.

Calms the body, mind and spirit. Antispasmodic. Nourishing to the nervous system and soothes irritated tissues.

Soothing to vaginal tissues, relaxing and calms the mind. Anti-inflammatory properties.

Cleansing, induces perspiration of the tissues, activates the lymph and it’s very healing for scars or irritated skin. Gentle energy.

Tones the reproductive system, increases circulation to the pelvis and balances hormones.

Cleansing- both physically & spiritually. Balances hormones. Can help bring on menses.

Astringent, cleansing, anti-bacterial and good for infections.

Rose petals:
Relaxing and uplifting, mild astringent, increases self-love and releases stuck emotions.

Can bring on menses. Reduces menstrual cramps, antibacterial. Blesses the woman receiving the steam. Spiritually cleansing.

Astringent, spiritually cleansing, helps release emotional & energetic blockages.

Brings concentration and focused energy, increases circulation, anti-septic and cleansing.

Bring on menses, uterine stimulate, prevents infections, antiseptic and increases low, inadequate menstrual flow.
There are contraindications:

If you have an IUD
While bleeding
With open sores, cuts, wounds and stitches
During a fever
Extremely heavy bleeding during menses
During a herpes outbreak
While pregnant or if there is any chance of pregnancy

The yoni steams come in two sizes, 2 cups (good for two steams) for $13 or 4 cups (for four steams) for $25.  You can find it in my studio in NE Minneapolis, I can mail it to you (add $3.50 for shipping and handling) and you can find me on Etsy.  If you have any questions or would like to purchase, please contact me.  Cheers, Gaia Grown.