Organic Memory Tea


Organic Memory Tea:

Organic ginkgo, hibiscus flower, Eleuthera root, gotu kola, parsley leaf, alfalfa leaf, bilberry leaf and ginger root.

This tea was made because, let’s face it, sometimes we’re just not firing on all cylinders. My mother fell down a flight of stairs, cracked her head, concussion! The healing process from those are so slow and frustrating. My sister, a mother of three little ones, is running an in home daycare AND going to graduate school. This tea has helped them think more clearly, with better retention.  When a ton of information is coming in and it’s important to file it away and call on it later, this is what I turn to. I’ve given this to my kid’s teachers and new mom’s alike. If you’ve just started a new job or are going back to school, this is the perfect tea for you.

Ginkgo Biloba: Improves memory, helps you stay mentally sharp and fights off dementia.

Hibiscus flower:  Added for flavor but also because it’s a great at calming the nervous system.

Eleuthera root:  Lifts fatigue and brain fog.  Increases circulation to the brain, helps with concentration and mental clarity.

Gotu Kola:  Relaxant.  Good for longevity, it’s Chinese name means “Fountain of Youth”. Helps with memory loss.

Parlsey:  Reduces cognitive and nuron degeneration.

Alfafa:  Supplies the trace minerals copper and magnesium to the brain.  Has a high protein content making it great brain food.

Bilberry Leaf: Improves red blood cells.  Especially helpful with eyesight.

Ginger Root:  Neurotransmitter balancer.  Helps cognitive function.  Improves working memory, reaction time and attention.

This tea comes in a 2 oz bag and with a reusable cotton muslin tea bag for $7.75.  The muslin is unbleached.  This makes about 25 servings, give or take how strong you like your tea.  This is based on using one teaspoon in 6 oz of water.  You can find it at my studio in NE Minneapolis, I can mail it to you (add $3 for shipping and handling) or you can find me on Etsy.  If you have any questions or would like to purchase, contact me.  Cheers, Gaia Grown.

Legalities- This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. Use at your own risk.