Postpartum Tincture


Postpartum Tincture:

Funugreek, Alfalfa, Nettle, Raspberry leaf, Motherwort, Yellow Dock and Dandelion root.

The first three months after giving birth is sometimes referred to as the “fourth trimester”. Many changes are happening during that time. Mom is recovering from an earth shattering experience and baby needs everything. The mother has given so much of her being and it can leave her body feeling very depleted, especially if she’s breastfeeding. This period in a woman’s life is often overlooked. All the attention goes to the baby and it can leave mom feeling left out in the cold to recover quickly and by herself. In many cultures though a woman who just had a baby is not to leave her bed for the first three months. She is fed chicken and warm broth to recover, while many woman hold the newborn for hours on end. That just doesn’t fit into some women’s schedule.

This tincture is made to nourish a woman’s body after birth. Filling those areas that have been depleted and to help ease the transition into caring for another. You can’t give what you don’t have.

Fennel- Increase milk supply, helps with colic, digestive and menstrual issues.

Fenugreek- Increase milk supply

Motherwort- Eases cramping. Great for postpartum depression and anxiety. Increases circulation and eases PMS.

Yellow dock- Best source of naturally occurring iron, good absorption. Won’t constipate you. Detoxifies liver, blood cleanser and great for skin conditions.

Raspberry leaf- Strengthens and tones the uterus and helps decrease postpartum bleeding. High mineral content.

Alfalfa- High contain of iron, calcium, minerals and vitamins E and C. Helps clot the blood. Cleanses and purifies the blood, promotes healthy digestion and a great anti-inflammatory.

Nettle- Helps relieve fatigue, exhaustion, postpartum depression, gentle laxative. Contains chlorophyll, rejuvenates and prevents hemorrhoids. Vitamin K, which is good for babies. Eases pain.

Dandelion- Rich in iron, vitamin A and calcium. Nourishes the liver and helps with mild edema. Helps prevent urinary tract infections, constipation, and upset stomach.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. It would be wise to research what you put into your body. You may want to consult your doctor if you’re unsure. I can’t be held responsible how you’ll react to it.