Smudge Blend



Copal resin and rosemary Smudge Blend:

Copal resin is made from the Buresa family of trees, which is considered a medicinal tree to those of the Maya and Aztec cultures and through out Mexico and Central America. Traditionally it is burned for immunity and to wort off mosquitos. It’s been used for ages in ceremonial sweat lodge and for protection rituals. It’s smells, light, citrusy and fruity. It’s cleansing and purifying. It is said that the sacred smoke carries messages to the Spirit world, giving you divine insight. It’s great for meditation and to aid in a trance like state.

Rosemary is added for protection and to get rid of negative energies. It’s known to help with memory and recalling pleasant memories.

This blend is also good for purification, protection and passion. It’s has a positive and loving energy to it. I enjoy using it during my healing sessions. My clients always rave about the smell.

To Use:

Fill a heat proof incense bowl (I use an abalone shell) with about two inches of sand.  This is needed for instillation for your burner. These tablets run really hot, like 1500 degrees.

Place the tablet in the sand and light the edge. These are self-igniting charcoal tablets so you will see tiny sparks as you light it, don’t hold onto it because it lights up fast. If lighting over an open flame, you’ll probably need to hold it with tweezers. I usually light the charcoal and let it fire up outside since it kind of stinks when it’s getting going.

The side with an indentation on it faces up, this will hold your incense. It may take about five minutes to fully heat up. Start with just a little bit of the blend, it produces a thick smoke. Add more as needed. The charcoal round should last about 45-60 minutes.

This smudge blend comes in a bag that totals about 3.25 oz. for $7.75.  If you want to add on a ten pack of charcoal rounds, add another $2.25 for a total of $10.  You can find this product at my studio, in NE Minneapolis, I can mail it to you (add on $4 for shipping and handling) or you can find me of Etsy.

If you have any questions or would like to purchase, please contact me.  Cheers, Gaia Grown.