Strong Back



Strong Back Tincture:

Strong Back Tincture:

Made with Strong back, wild yam, man vine, love and vodka.

Used for muscular spasms, pain, muscle strain, overwork, sports injuries, stress, anxiety, back, neck, shoulder and joint pain and asthma.

This formula is an antispasmodic, kidney tonic, anti-asthmatic and smooth muscle relaxant.

Strong Back Tincture comes in two sizes, 2 ounces for $18 and 4 ounces for $36.  You can find it at my studio, I can send it to you (add $4 for shipping and handling) or you can find me on Etsy.  If you have any questions or would like to purchase, please contact me.  Cheers, Gaia Grown.


1 dropperful in one half glass of tepid water three to six times daily as needed.

Acute: In severe cases of acute muscle spasm or backache, take 1 dropperful every twenty minutes until pain subsides, then continue on dosage of three times daily as needed.

Asthma: Effective at immediate, acute onset of asthma. Take 6 dropperfuls in a half glass of warm water and sip constantly. Repeat as needed until symptoms abate.

Side effects include urinary output may temporarily increase; urine may become darker and smell more strongly than usual. Increase water intake until symptoms subside.

Contraindications include antidepressants, pregnancy and breast feeding. Herniated vertebral disk: may offer only minor relief from muscle spasms around the disk.

These herbs are from the rainforest in Belize, where the soil is rich in minerals. The result is that they’re very potent. This tonic is formulated by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN.

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Legalities- This product was not evaluated by the FDA.  Use at your own risk.